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Plowboys Photo Gallery

Welcome to the Plowboys Horticulture Photo Gallery. Please take a look at the premium foliage plants we grow, including several specialty items. The gallery will be updated frequently, so come back often!

Select from the following photo albums:

Camille and Compacta are currently available.
View a nice selection of 8" Hybrids including Ely, Mary, Tiki, Parachute, Panther, Sterling.
Ferns (26)
Our tropical ferns are very popular and include a wide assortment: Austral Gem, Autumn, Birdsnest Crissie, Birdsnest Victoria, Button, Club Moss, Crocodyllus, East Indian Holly, Emina, Emmeliana, Fluffy Ruffle, Heart, Kangaroo Paw, Korean Rock, Lemon Button, Mahogany, Mayii, Peacock (Selaginella), Rabbit's Foot White, Silver Lace, Silver Lady, Staghorn ('Netherlands','Compact Staghorn'), Trailing Maidenhair, Maidenhair Fragrans, Pteris Roweri, Albo-Lineata
A variety of grasses and shrubs, including Red Fountain Grass, Elliottii 'Love Grass', as well as Mexican Petunia (Ruellia), Creeping Fig (ficus), Oyster Plant and more.
Ivy (3)
Greenheart English Ivy is a standard in our 6" product line. 'Cutbacks' create a very full head and nice vines.
Our Neanthe Bella Palm production is outstanding, from 50 and 72 cell packs to 8" pots.
White Butterfly, Cheery
Spath (10)
View a sampling of Spath photos in various pot sizes and varieties. Spath 'Sensation' also shown.