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Plowboys Horticulture is a wholesale foliage nursery located in sunny Zellwood, Florida approximately 20 miles northwest of Orlando. With over 16 acres of shadehouse and glasshouse production areas, we are able to provide our customers with high-quality plants in multiple varieties, sizes, and assortments. Visit the Photo Gallery to see our standard and specialty items, as well as a current Availability list.

Spathiphyllum — Major varieties include Patrice, Sweet Chico, Power Plant, Figaro, Sweet Dario, Maracay, Calypso, and Sensation Jr. Types vary depending on pot sizes of 4", 6", 8" and 10".
Neanthe Bella Palm — The quality of our palm products is unparalleled. Extremely full and lush, available in 50/cell and 72/cell packs as well as 3", 4", 6" and 8" pots.
Dieffenbachia — We offer Camille and Carina in several pot sizes, as well as Hybrid varieties such as Tropic Marianne, Tropic Rain, Tiki, Parachute, Sterling and Starbright.
Ivy — Our 6" Greenheart ivy is a long-time customer favorite.
Nephthytis (Butterfly/Syngonium/Allusions) — In addition to White Butterfly, we grow an assortment of Allusions including Regina Red, Berry, Plum, Confetti, Bob, Bold, Banana Cream and Pink.
Ferns — We offer an excellent variety of 4" ferns in assortments or straight-cases, including Korean Rock, East Indian Holly, Autumn, Mahogany, Rabbit's Foot, Silver Lace, Button, Lemon Button, Silver Lady, Selaginella Golden Moss and Emmeliana. Other selections are available.
Nun's Orchid — Premium, Florist-quality. Available from January through April in both 6" and 10" pots.

Plowboys Horticulture is owned and operated by Marks and Mary Scott of Plowboys, Inc. Marks has been in the agriculture business for 25+ years in both the nursery/greenhouse industry and in vegetable farming, and comes from a long line of family farmers and growers. The name "Plowboys" was created due to his life-long devotion to agriculture.

We are proud of all the employees, sales, and management staff at Plowboys Horticulture and appreciate their many years of service and dedication. Their hard work shows in our commitment to quality, and our customers can feel confident knowing this level of service will continue.

If you have any questions about our company or products, please feel free to call 1-800-327-5063 or contact us online.